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Keith R Lee
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Re: I Need Aikido ?'s Answered PLEASE!

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Most people though, when you get down to it...are not really concerned with fighting...only conquering or suppressing the fear with an illusion or a few hours a week of nightly training. They say they are....but if they were...then they would honestly seek out proper training and would not shy away from it when presented with it. (check out the Dog Brothers website to get an idea of the intensity of training that they present)

We should NOT however, transfer our desires, fears, or illusions onto arts such as aikido, because it is not fair to you, the others you train with, or the reputation of the art.
That about nails it on the head I think.

We're soooo close to "that" thread here lately. So close...

Also, congrats on the Gold! That's awesome.

Keith Lee
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