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Tom Fish
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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Women and everybody else in Aikido is a very interesting thread. I find that everyone is treated differently on the mat. People may decide that they are being treated differently for any reason, but they may just be missing the point. I think that too many people judge each other by criteria that may not apply. Most of the people I've worked with are usually interested in the safety of each other and base their judgments accordingly. Bigger people seem to take more of a beating at times as opposed to someone who is smaller. IMO it is not deliberately discriminatory it is rather based in the confidence of each others ability. I tend to be careful with anyone who is new or has not demonstrated their ability to work out at a higher level. I have felt the same treatment from others as well. I just don't look for personal issues like politics, gender, race, religion, and age, to affect the reason we are there to work out. Sometimes this obliviousness can cause enough problems. Safety should be the deciding factor and respect for each other should always be required. Establishing our ability is just part of the job.
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