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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
O Sensei said, very specifically that the secrets are in the omote forms.
True... the secrets are there... hidden in plain sight.... but certainly not what you think they are.

Tim and Dan are on the money... you OTOH are not... or at least your explanation and dissection of what is happening is not. Clearly from your exposition of Ushiro's words, you don't really understand what he's REALLY saying either. As Mike, and Dan and whoever else has said it... it's pretty clear who knows and who doesn't.

I think it was very clearly established at the beginning of this thread, that we were discussing body conditioning "how-to" to develop baseline skills. You don't seem or want to understand the importance of such conditioning, choosing instead to disavow it on the basis that it is "resistant" - according to your definition.

Yes, the secrets are there... and you may have stolen it... but what have you stolen? Certainly not the understanding that it is the body skills that Ueshiba had and is there for everyone's taking.

As I said before... if the "form" and "kata" provides the secret, then everyone practising the form and kata would be of Ueshiba's ilk. Are they?

BTW, this is not directed at you as an attack, but out of a genuine concern for all those who follow a path... that goes nowhere...

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