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Re: Baseline skillset

I don't like to get in the middle of your debates simply due to the fact that your responses are overly long and don't work as models for these skills. They are a waste and the wrong direction for folks to take if they are intent on getting to the heart of these arts.

I did follow your links. I read Ushiro's two interviews. I see them as more in keeping with both what I do, and know. And I find it odd that you quote him.... as he is an advocate for being able to train these skills outside of waza.
You have repeatedly stated to Mike, that you think they are to be learned -in- Waza.

As for your theories. No man I know who can -actually exhibit these skills- discusses your ideas. Odd that of 4 world class teachers in 4 different arts, and now one who felt Ueshiba-all agree and openly talk about the commonality of things on very concrete and (here's a tip) easily understood terms. Ya might wonder why none of them share your theories.

As for WAZA and base skills?
I teach these skills completely outside of any waza and they -in the end- enable folks to capture center at a touch and to make it extremely difficult for folks to get theirs and to throw them in anyway. It is a very effective means to get soft and responsive, and powerful all in one. Taiji, Xing-I, Bagua, Daito ryu, and Aikido, at their highest levels do not exist without them. Neither it appears does Ushiro's Karate.

I know I am sounding flat. Please don't misinterpret that as adversarial. I mean no disrespect. I just think it is perfectly clear what direction to take.
I have previously outlined various examples to you of displays of martial strength, as a foundational basis for more advanced moving, capturing connection. The kind of skills discussed by Ushiro and displayed on video by Ueshiba and many Chinese artists. I asked if you could do those examples. You honestly answered that you could not. All due respect, if you cannot do what we are talking about then you simply don't know "what" we are talking about. Your skills are in your hands. I am quite sure that if we meet you will fail and not know what to do. Why? These things only work certain ways. Yours aint it.
Those who know......Know.
You don't.

Its nice to see the internet actually doing something worthwhile-that being- getting folks into places where they can truly learn from folks who will share what they know to tune the basics and reinvogorate their individual arts. It may be a fun decade when we look back. We'll have to see.

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