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Re: I Need Aikido ?'s Answered PLEASE!

I admit to being a little confused by your post. On the one hand you say you have zero interest in hurting people and it sounds like you are interested in aikido for personal transfromation rather than martial application. And yet you're hesitant to train because you think the attacks are unrealistic?

Think of Aikido as more an art of concepts rather than techniques. Where as some arts offer a comprehensive "if he does this you do that, if he does this variation you do that variation" type approach, Aikido offers a series of exercises to help you internalise the conept of "aiki" which may then be brought to bear in an endless variety of situtions. It's about accepting and leading energy. In most dojos that energy is provided by the traditional attacks but the theory is once you understand how to blend with and redirect energy the angle in specific nature of it is less important.

There is some debate as to how well that theory works in reality.

And for my money, no one should be advertising self defence unless they themselves ahve used the techniques in a range of actual physical confrontations.

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