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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

David Orange wrote:
Dan, something you said there reminded me of someone I used to know. Not Japanese but a fairly high-ranking American. He had a habit for awhile of doing his techniques twice: nikkyo, for instance. He would apply the technique until you tapped, then ease off of it. And when you relaxed from his easing off, he would apply the technique again, just when you were opened to it.

He did it to me seveal times and I saw him do it to other people and it was clear that they not only didn't like it, but that they though his was a real POS for it and I doubt they ever changed their opinion of him.

I'm glad to say that my experiences with Japanese senseis were always positive and I never got any bad treatment of any kind from Mochizuki Sensei or any of the shihans under him.

But the aforementioned American showed up at the dojo and guess what? One shihan repeatedly mauled him! I wouldn't say it was "funny," but there was something very validating in seeing that happen.

Best to you.

That reminds me of how my sensei handled bullies. They soon became his next uke. They either never came back or they came back as much gentler partners.
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