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Re: Poll: How reliant is physically effective aikido on "commited" attacks?

I think it all depends on your perspective and definition of attack.

My definition of attack mean to "do harm"

To me, an attack depends on three criteria: 1. Intent 2. ability. 3. implementation.

You can possess the desire and the intent to attack, but lack the ability.

You can have the ability, but lack the motivation and/or intent.

the third criteria is that you must implement it in some way.

if any of the above criteria are lacking...then you have no attack.

Aikido would also be concerned with the intent and ability...but maybe NOT the implementation. That is, we can present such a presence and strength in intent and ability, that the person does not attack because they fear reprisal.

While this may not be deemed as physical aikido, I believe it is, because you have established a physical presence through intent and ability.

Another alternative we have is influence through compassion. We can diffuse conflict through resolving situations through compassion and understanding in many cases.

However, if this were possible in every situation, we would have no need for physical aikido, or the need to practice martial arts. The ability and intent to influence things physically can buy us the time and space we need to use compassion.

I am getting off into the etheral now.

The question seems to be dealing with the direct physicality or superfical aspects of on that note, I'd say YES aikido is 100% dependent on a committed attack....that is, you must possess the INTENT, ABILITY, and IMPLEMENT the action in order to have movement or a opposite response. Otherwise, we simply have people staring at one another, or one person responding to something that warrants no response.

However, perception is really the key to things....if one PERCIEVES, even erroneously that an attack is committed...even if it is NOT...that is all that is really necessary.

Practicing aikido and perfecting it hopefully reduces this dissonnace allowing us to see what is really there! (the Truth).
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