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John Brockington
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Re: Dobson and Arikawa Sensei

What actually motivated my question (posed first in the thread "Hypocrisy in Aikido") to Sensei Amdur in the first place was really O Sensei and his treatment of Terry Dobson. There is a place in Terry Dobson's book entitled, I believe, "It's a Lot Like Dancing," where he briefly mentions this relationship and nuanced treatment. And when I read this, I started to think about O Sensei's prior activities in Manchuria and Hokkaido. It occurred to me that his efforts to create a "utopian" state in Manchuria could be construed as an overtly imperialistic act (why wasn't this attempted in Japan?), and certainly the Chinese did not appreciate it. Then his activities in the development of Hokkaido- were these part or an extension of the Japanese government's efforts to displace or dissolve the Ainu? I can find little to support one interpretation or the other, and so was trying to solicit insight from another source. And this does, indeed, get back to the question of the deification, by some, of O Sensei.

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