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Re: Nikyo Basics

Brad Allen wrote:
My nikyo from ikkyo is OK, but from the overhead strike, it's like I have no clue where to begin, and I stand there staring at Uke's hand like I've never seen the appendage before.

How can I translate the mechanics of the nikyo from ikkyo to the overhead strike? Maybe this is an impossible question--I can't imagine how someone can make it clearer with words and not showing me physically, but I thought I'd try.

Thanks if you can help, if not, no worries!
We have two ways one that goes through ikkyo and one that goes like this:
Cut up and meet it ai hami, taking with the gakyu hamni hand as you tenkan out of the way. Then you bring it across your body as though you're doing rokkyu but then turn, put the hand in your shoulder and do nikkyo.
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