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Re: Baseline skillset

Eddie deGuzman wrote:
I wouldn't(and didn't) say you were doing it wrong. What I was commenting on was the earlier post describing Ushiro sensei's kokyu technique. The description sounded similar to what I learn, and the "smiling" reaction from the article makes it sound extremely similar to my training here.....The "smile" is the awareness that something else is happening.
Eddie... I was being facetious. Obviously it's got nothing to do with smiling or not smiling.... as I illustrated.

Awareness? Everybody seems to have an "awareness" of it... when it happens... IF it happens. But no one else seems to be able to cogently explain how to get to "first base".

So, for example when you say you're "using kokyu", what does it feel like? To you... to the other person? How do you, within a short period of time, teach/show someone how to "get" this "feeling" that they can easily understand? How do you know if they've "got" it or not?

It should be pretty obvious to "see" and feel whether someone's "got" it or not... how much they've got... to what degree... and what they need to "correct" and enhance what they've got.

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