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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
And yet you can speak about what I know from a few pixels ona screen. Really, Mike, does no one measure up to your standards, whatever they are ? Of course, Ushiro believes in the value of working faithfully through traditional forms for the continuity and realization of deep knowledge. You apparently don't. I do.
Wait a minute.... none of MY descriptions suit you, although you don't want to consider the fact that your "theory" doesn't ring anyone's bell, even though you are trying to be "exact" and demand that everyone meet your standards of acceptable discourse... and NOW you're saying that you and Ushiro "value traditional forms for the continuity and realization of deep knowledge"????? No one can win with you unless you say they can win, right?

And BTW, it's not the few pixels on the screen that give you away... it's the many pixels that are simply not there; pixels that would be there if you really understood. Give it up.

BTW, Ushiro's descriptions are intriguing. I haven't seen them before, but I continue to be surprised at how so many Japanese use the same traditional pictures the Chinese still use.... yet supposedly they haven't had any real contact for centuries. There's something amiss with the popular histories.

Frankly, Erick, if you know what you're trying to say you know, you could explain how the "floating" works. I've already done it in an earlier, archived post on AikiWeb. It has nothing to do with rotational movement, but everything to do with kokyu.

Mike Sigman
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