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Re: Baseline skillset

Ricky Wood wrote:
i did however read this. i would love to learn from Ushiro Sensei so i will keep an eye open for that opprtunity.
Quote from article:
A frequent scene at the camp was the involuntary smile that lit up the face of an attacker the moment they were "floated" by Ushiro shihan.

Still not having seen or felt Ushiro sensei's technique, I am nonetheless certain it is similar to what is being taught at my dojo. The smile on the attacker being the clue. Working out with the higher ups every week will invariably leave a smile on your face. Throwing and being thrown, both equally enjoyable.

There are definitely invisible lines drawn that distinguish those who can from those who are trying, those who want to, and those who just don't get it and are finding their own way. It is not required to believe any one way is correct. Even the higher ups are slightly different in what and how they do things, but they barely even talk about it. They just train. It's all good. It's all fun.

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