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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
Ah..... could you suggest the name of someone that will vouch for your having these baseline skillsets, Erick?
When you get around to defining them as anything other than kokyu tanden ho, let me know. You have not so far. I have nothing I need or wish to prove to you. My arguments stand or fall on their own merits, and no amount of "vouching" will make them stronger or weaker. I do what I do, and vouching won't change that either, for good or ill. Is budo a popularity contest?

Is "I double-dog-dare-you" far behind? Or can we move on to some useful discussion.
Mike Sigman wrote:
I know some of your mutual acquaintances and they have not been quietly emailing me to assure me that you have these expertises.
This is about the fourth or fifth time you purport to have secret connections to people who "know me." It was tiresome and misguided the first time. I do not depend on my arguments for the people that I know or don't know, much less those who know you.

I know what I know and I can describe it in detail. You cannot, apparently, without resorting to Chinese esoterica. Maybe that (and devolving into the dozens when asked to respond to specific assertions) is limit of your vocabulary, maybe not. On Ledyard's Sensei's voucher for you, and I have met him exactly once, but enough to respect his opinions, I have assumed that it is not. I would really not like to have to conclude otherwise from what I see here. Let's see.

And come visit, anytime. We play nice. And we have the nicest beaches. Accept no substitutes.


Erick Mead
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