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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Ricky Wood wrote:
i did however read this. i would love to learn from Ushiro Sensei so i will keep an eye open for that opprtunity.
What he says and did (as related) in the article is true. This is the baseline skills that we were trying to talk about earlier in the thread.

From what Rob John relates of things they have done in practice, I know that he does some of these things and that Akuzawa is teaching those things (the fine details of level, direction, etc., I can't tell of course). From what Dan and Cady say, they are doing some of these things. And there are others. The baseline skills are easy to spot by what someone says and what they don't say.

Just to throw in a caveat, I can't be really sure of what Ushiro knows versus what he teaches. What he says is true. What he demonstrates is true. But there seems to be a disconnect in exactly how he is teaching it and how well people are able to "steal his technique".

But anyway, you're looking in the right direction.


Mike Sigman
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