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Originally posted by Edward
As for Tohei Sensei, my information is that he complied with Doshu's wish and officially called his art "Ki No Kenkyukai". The Aikido mention is added by dojos to specify that it is Aikido that they teach. I have no doubt that this art is as Aikido as can be, but it is history that we are discussing.
Ki no Kenkyukai was founded in 1971, three years before Tohei went independent. As I understand it, Ki no Kenkyukai focuses on ki training and issues ranks based on levels of ki development (some people do ki development training without participatiing in the Aikido side at all). The Aikido side is Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and that is where Aikido ranks are issued. Most Shin Shin Toitsu dojo in Japan just call it "Aikido" just like the Aikikai. I note that Koichi Tohei has at least two books issued post-breakup that include just plain "Aikido" in the title without any "Shin Shin Toitsu".



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