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Re: Non-cooperative tanto-dori (Discussion)

Xu Wenfung wrote:
Non-cooperative tanto dori

As you can see, grabbing the wrist and trying to to grapple with a knife wielding assailant is not the brightest of idea, IMO. To me, it is very risky, as the chances of getting cuts is just to prohibitive.

I have some thoughts wrt to better ways to deal with such scenario (empty hand wise), but I reserve my judgement till I hear more opinion from other posters.

Kali people like Mike Gallagher, would you like to comment?

How weird. Our resistive training (read: after class messing around with a tanto) looks nothing like that. Usually there's an attack made (which can be anything from a nasty little flick to full on chudan tsuki), which is deflected/slapped out of the way with one hand and the wrist taken with the other, atemi is put in with the first hand, or knee, foot, elbow, all of the above, followed by a technique. All emphasis is placed on bringing uke (the person holding the tanto, during the course of the messing around either or both tori and uke can end up taking ukemi) to the ground as quickly as possible rather than dealing with the tanto.

The first technique seldom works and it becomes something like a Judo match with Aikido techniques (and the odd Judo technique) and atemi. In one way or another it ends up on the floor, but not in a BJJ way (there's nothing so formal BJJ groundwork, uke gets up too fast to do anything other than drop on them), where either the tanto is taken with a wrist lock and maybe a "bit" of atemi, or we trap the arm (usually by sitting/kneeling on it) and try a choke or grab their nuts or something, whatever seems expedient and most likely to stop uke resisting in the shortest possible time.

Tori wins about 70-80% of the time if they're smart and fast enough to switch techniques just as uke starts to resist. If they attempt to force a technique on a resisting uke there's a high probability that they'll be killed horribly or uke will break free and attack again.

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