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Hi Chuck and Chris,

I guess I do not really need to comment on your replies to me since you only have to read Dr. Goldsbury's post. He said in clear scientifical words what I have been trying to say with my poor english and vague historical knowledge.

Now on whether Professor Tomiki should have changed the name as asked or not, I am not in a position to judge his decision but my personal feeling is that he should have followed the wish of the founder. However, since I cannot possibly know the details nor the exact circumstances of this matter, my opinion would remain extremely far from objectivity.

As for Tohei Sensei, my information is that he complied with Doshu's wish and officially called his art "Ki No Kenkyukai". The Aikido mention is added by dojos to specify that it is Aikido that they teach. I have no doubt that this art is as Aikido as can be, but it is history that we are discussing.

Another teacher of outstanding character, who was an Uchi-Deshi of Osensei, and complied to the Doshu's wish, is Noro Sensei who named his art "Ki No Michi".

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