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Brad Allen
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Re: Mixing Aikido with working out

I'm 32 now. When I was 17, I was into Taekwondo at the intensity you described with your Aikido and workouts. I thought I was basically invincible. One time I tore my shoulder escaping a ninjutsu demon crusher, my partner freaked out (you have to do a backflip to escape the demon crusher hold), and I crashed down onto my shoulder. It still bothers me a little today (damn ninjas!)

You're 17--you're like a cat right now, you can probably handle a lot, heal fast, etc. Yes, watch what you eat--maybe smaller meals throughout the day, blah blah blah.

I guess my real concern of your practice is that you are consumed with training and not going out to parties and things, socializing in moderation.

Man, when I was about 18, after praciticng full on for five years, I flipped out and went crazy. Up all night, smoking, binge drinking, and you can imagine the rest. It was like I discovered having fun outside the dojo and needed to make up for years of missing out on partying.

After 10 years of that, I've finally come full circle and am back to training. Still need to shed some weight, but I'm doing it in moderation.

So, I don' t know if that's you at all, but skip a few aikido classes and hang out with your boys once and a while, too.

Just another take. Don't let what happened to me happen to you, young Skywalker.

Good luck! Heal fast! Train hard, but have fun!
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