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Re: Non-cooperative tanto-dori (Discussion)

LynnS wrote:
IMHO, a trained knife fighter never attacks, only ambushes.
From an Aikido perspective, work on footwork to get off the line/angle of attack and controlling the weapon while taking balance.
Thanks, Lynn. You certainly put things into perspective. Getting off the trajectary of hostile intent is my first priority. Not grappling like what is shown on the clip. Hence, tenkan and irimi movement is of primary importance.

Jonathan wrote:
Yeesh! What are those guys playing at? I tell you what, you come toward me with your hands extended out in front of you like the big fellow in the clip was doing when I'm attacking you with a knife and I'll be carving up your hands! See how well you disarm me with the flesh of your hands cut to ribbons. Also extending you arms like the big guy is doing exposes wrist and brachial arteries which, if severed, would, in the case of a brachial artery cut, make him bleed to death in about five minutes.
My thoughts exactly.

Neil Mick wrote:
So, to test his theory, we tried it. I'd try and come in with a technique, and he would tap the tanto against my arm, leg, whatever, then dance away. After a few rounds of this I realized that I was (figuratively) bleeding to death, trying to take that knife away. And so, I came in with a full, open stance (not trying to take his blade away, this time), which threw the uke so off that I slipped in and gave a very satisfying koshi.
Neil, I have never done Kali or FMA stuff before. However, I do regularly experiment with my fellow dojo mates about knife disarm. My favourite role is as uke, and I regularly dice and slice their arm with my wooden tanto. I can imagine how dangerous a trained knife fighter is.

To MikeV and ChrisH, thanks for chipping in. And thanks for putting things into perspective. Your opinions are noted.

To me, when I do these tanto-dori with my sempai (he is 3rd Dan) I am Shodan...we tried it without prearraged sequence. As uke, I would feint, jab with my tanto, slice diagonally, try to slice his hands... you get the idea.

What I notice is my sempai will always move out of reach from me. He always draw me into his sphere and then... WHAM! He will shomen-ate, aigamae-ate (irimi-nage) or ushiro-ate and next thing I am on the floor. Oh and he also tends to slap my tanto hands away. He never grab, just slap it away (from the bruises I received, I will say, he slapped them quite forcefully).


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