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Red face Re: Non-cooperative tanto-dori (Discussion)

Some advice
1. If your facing a guy who can actually use a knife your are going to get cut or die. Its too fast in the right hands with three or four cuts and stabs a second. The knife is only one tool. You still have two hands, two feet, a body and quite possibly a decent predatory mind to deal with on top of that. In short while you are preoccupied with getting stabbed and cut he will be preoccupied with taking you apart in other ways. Knives are a great intimidation tool. A mental game. You may be surprised at the level of understanding of their affect on people-that has been discussed on the wrong side of the tracks.

The good news
2. Most men don't know how to use a knife.
3. Most martial artists think they can

In the real world the best course of action?

If you have to stay for some odd reason and you are not trained? You're probably going to die.
If you have seriously trained.
You're probably going to just get seriously cut.

Your best defense is your mindset and being prepared to face blood and pain. And you are going to be hard pressed to develope that in a dojo. There's nothing to really say here. Trying to find someone with experience who can handle this stuff can be difficult.

I've never seen Aikido knife techniques that were worth anything-either in attack and defense.

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