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Michael Varin
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Re: Non-cooperative tanto-dori (Discussion)

Hello Everyone,

I'm one of the guys in this clip. Thanks for the comments.

Allow me to put it in context for you.

This is a training exercise. It is not meant to represent knife fighting. As pointed out earlier:
Lynn Seiser wrote:
IMHO, a trained knife fighter never attacks, only ambushes.
Jonathan Hay wrote:
when I'm attacking you with a knife and I'll be carving up your hands!
Even calling it tanto dori is a little misleading. The idea for the grabber is to maintain a strong grip, the knife holder to stay relaxed and escape, or for either to apply a technique and counteract the techniques being applied. It begins after a firm grip has been applied. Strikes aren't allowed so the focus can be put on working with the grip. The knife is there as an incentive. We do several versions of this where the focus is slightly different. We also use varying degrees of resistance; on a scale of 1-10 this one was about 9. No, it isn't fair. . . But it's fun, and good training, as long as you know where it fits in.

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