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Originally posted by Edward
Traditionally, if you want to follow the Japanese customs, Aikido is a kind of trade mark or property of the Ueshiba family,

Eh? How'zat? Nihon Goshin Aikido and Korindo AIkido both legitiately use the term 'aikido' in their names. There is no "Board of Nomenclature" oerseeing the budo world ... official or unofficial. If a family or system chooses a name, fine, but that doesn't mean others cannot or may not use it as well.

desires from doing that. However, morally speaking, prior approval should be taken.

Morally? Hoo boy. THAT'S a whole 'nother discussion.

One example is Tohei Sensei, who was specifically requested by Kisshomaru Doshu not to use the name Aikido when they

So ... you're saying Tohei's system isn't aikido? Hmm. Ever heard the term Shinshintoitsu aikido?

Aikido is a generic term that can be translated as the way of aiki. There are many ways and many definitions of aiki. You have any idea how many different Itto Ryu there are? And Itto Ryu is much more specific term than aikido. Semantically, the word 'Aikido' is kind of like kendo, iaido, karatedo, judo or even (gasp!) kenjutsu, jujutsu, sumo, etc.

I believe the only reason such schools chose to use the name of Aikido, is to profit

What about those schools wherein the term aikido appeared simultaneously as Ueshiba's use of the word to describe his art?

Adding 'do' to a martial word was fashionable in some circles back before Meiji ...

Edward, you seem to be a nice guy and seem bright. Do your homework and research. Budo is a broader world than just aikido and while aikido has MUCH to recommend it, it is only one small part of a larger whole. A whole to which it is inextricably bound and with which it is deeply interwoven.


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