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What's in a name

Okay.. this is the Real mle ;-)

Um, yeah, K Tohei, Tomiki, Seagal, Nishio, Saito, Doran, Saotome - they all do their interpretation of Ueshiba's vision.

If I learned sumi-e from a master, should I demand that no one else call what they do sumi-e? it's just a description: "ink drawing".

I would want an "it depends" as well, so I couldn't really vote.

Of course, what I am doing right now has Ueshiba influences, but isn't technically DR as taught by Ueshiba, exactly. So, I would have to respond "I don't do aikido" if I were being techically honest.

Additionally.. this is "aikiweb" not "aikidoweb" so I'm afraid I'd still fit here even if I was doing kempo or judo. ;-)

What I am practicing right now is, in many ways, aikido as I was trying to create it for myself, complete with a solid striking system and a variety of weapons arts to complement it.

If you look from system to system, you will see the tremendous diversity, and the exclusive claims of certain greedy individuals with tunnel vision become very frail indeed.
I do urge people to become as educated as they can, using unbiased sources such as Stan Pranin, EJ Harrison or the like.
The late Doshu, Kisshomaru U, had some very grounded and realistic things to say about aikido training in his books which apply to any training.

I don't think anyone should settle for what their instructor feeds them about the art, go for extra credit and learn everything you can.
It's a risk, but I have to tell you that the truth is worth everything...


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