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Keith Gotschall
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Re: Wife joining husband in aikido class?

I can't imagine a better experience than practicing aikido with your spouse. I started Aikido with my wife about a year ago, and we have been having a ball! There are times when I am more keen and times when she is, either way we are supportive and encouraging of each other. It is almost like having a training partner around everyday. Cooking together, or any daily life stuff, becomes so much fun when aikido is stirred in the mix. I will often be attacking her with a wooden spoon etc., or she will go to hold my hand and end up applying yonkyo. It is a great thing to do with your spouse.

The other people that we train with seem to be very comfortable and supportive as well. We rotate through with partners just like everyone else. Sometimes we will be purposely put together, sometimes seperated depending on the situation, either way it is always done with good humor and with an eye towards the best training possible.

There are other couples I have trained with, and there has never been a problem. I think the trash talking you experienced is more indicative of the bad match you had with that particular girlfriend. Just hearing you say that you love your wife is enough to make me think you will both benefit greatly from practicing together.

Best, Keith
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