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Roman Kremianski
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Mixing Aikido with working out


A year ago I broke my collar bone during a dojo ski trip. (Don't ask )

I was out of action for 2 months, and when I returned I had absolutely no power in my left arm and shoulder. I started doing push ups 3 times a week, along with bokken exercises. I couldn't do more then 5 at the time, but over the year I worked my way up to 100. (5 sets of 20, with a ton of abdominal exercises in between) But now lately, with Aikido practice 6 days a week, and all these exercises, I feel like I am slowly destroying my body. I have a freakishly low amount of body fat, I do a ton of cardio during practice, and I eat a lot.

Do you think it's not a great idea to combine a trillion breakfalls daily with push ups at the age of 17?

Thanks in advance
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