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Do symbol Wife joining husband in aikido class?

My wife approached me and asked if I would mind her joining Aikido and go to class with me. She wants to become more involved in what I do for fun. I thought it was a great idea and I'm all for it! Two things I love in one spot.
My only problem is something that happened in the past is giving me a little doubt so now I would like to get both teachers and students opinions on couples in class.

In the past while dating a girl she decided to join the martial arts class I was in on her own accord. Pretty soon fights at home were brought to the dojo. I was embarrassed by this and would do my best to ignore it which made her push even more. Soon she started approaching other students and telling them stories about me. I won't get into it but basically trash talking me and making me look abusive. For a while people treated me a little coldly and I couldn't figure out why but as people got to know my character and hers they realized what she was doing and warmed up to me while trying to ignore her. Still it was pretty rough and I was very embarrassed. If someone joked with me, was friendly with me or we hung out after class she would approach him or her and double her efforts to smear me. As I said people saw through her antics but I still felt very bad for putting the other students through this and I ended up quitting. She quit three months later and shortly after we broke up.

Now my relationship with my wife is not like this at all. We don't fight and we have a lot of fun together. It's great that shes interested in Aikido and I'd love to show her how much fun it is. My only real concern is how it makes other people in class feel.
I know the standard reply will be that if we don't argue and keep things professional then everyone will have fun but what do you think about couples in class REALLY?
Do you find that it makes for an awkward environment?
In your experience, as a teacher or student, do fights still get brought to the dojo despite best intentions?
Do instructors try to keep couples from practicing together?
Or do you really think as long as the couple is mature and keeps home life out of the dojo everything will be fine?

Thank you.
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