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Re: Baseline skillset

Eddie deGuzman wrote:
...But to describe how I do what I do without using the vocabulary that I am familiar with is difficult. It's like saying describe air without using the words oxygen, gas, breathe, etc. Perhaps someone else can do that. Fine, it's just an analogy and it doesn't really matter. As was the basketball comment.
When I was much younger, my brother taught me how to shoot hoops... in 5mins... he demonstrated and explained how to use the ground as a springboard... how to use the elbow as a lever... how to transfer the throw from ground to elbow to fingers to hoop.... in 5mins I was getting the desired lift in the ball that I didn't have before. Sure my aim sucked at first, but half an hour of practice later, I sucked a little less...

So.... why can't kokyu-ho or any other "technique" be explained in the same way?

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