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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
There's nothing wrong with his statement...."kata [i.e 型 - mold/model/pattern of behaviour, NOT 形 (katachi) - shape/form] form the foundation of bujutsu and budo. Only through repeated practice of these foundational elements can we arrive at an understanding of their essence. In turn, it is only from that point that we can begin to explore concrete applications [i.e. waza].

You seem to be confusing kata 型 - a "behaviourial" model with 形 - the shapes or forms that such "behaviour" is manifested with waza 技 - technique (i.e. applications of such "behaviourial" patterns 型 within the shapes and forms of 形 ).
I confuse nothing of the kind, nor could you possibly. The article was only provided in translation (and used 'kata,' not 'katachi'). It did not provide any kanji of the original but only Neville Nason's translation. I suggest you ask him. Of course, maybe he really meant 肩 sz
Ignatius Teo wrote:
My question is "what are the foundational elements?"... and "what is the essence?"... to me, this "essence" is the baseline skills we are talking about....
The point of all three quotes, from their respective positions, is that budo is suffering from respective different tendencies to monism Both tendencies need reintegration. On the one hand, some karate has tended to go all physical toward striking in losing the cerebral strategic/philosophiical elements of its non-striking controls (Ushiro). On the other hand, some Aikido has tended to go toward the philosophical/ cerebral losing grounding in the concrete world of effective technique (Ikeda). Doran speaks to the need for reunifying both elements as parts of an irreducible whole, citing Yagyu Jubei Notably O-Senei also said in Budo Renshu, that Yagyu Jubei was a watchword for aikido and the required unificaiton of mind and body intraining.

My criticism is that the way to reintegrate body and mind from the soft cerebral form of aikido is not backwards -- but irimi. We should rejoin the concrete nature of practice with a rigorous intellectual exposition of the physical mechanisms of rigorous practice.
O-Sensei, Budo Renshu wrote:
If you reach the point of accumulating a certain amount of enthusiastic practice, when the real figtht comes, you will see the fallen form of the enemy there, beforeyou even raise a hannd... You should train with the belief that when you are enthusiastic the techniques come in this way


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