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Yea, I wanted an "it depends" as well.

I see it this way. No matter how bad we may think it is, if they call it Aikido and if they talk about O'Sensei, then someone there better be able to tie into the man. It may require some stretching but my line is drawn there. I guess I would call it Ueshiba's Aikido.

Originally posted by Peter R:
Still - and here is the rub - I find myself getting indignant when some groups calls itself something where there is no connection. This goes for Daito- ryu/Aikido dojos where at best there is a year or two under a legitamate instructor. There is an "Aikido" dojo down the road from me just like that. Yuck.
I've got one of those too. The problem is that people relate to them and see what you are doing in the same light. It damages the value of your name and art. Sort of like me building a car and calling it a Mercedez. Think someone might get upset with me?
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