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Re: Poll: How important is physical body size for effective aikido techniques?

Well, these questions are a lot like ikyo from shomen uchi in a beginner class - where I belong!

I am allowed to do one technique, from one attack, oh, and only to the front or rear. hmmmmmm.

What if uke is being a jerk, or I have a bad ankle, or the ki doesn't flow through my left arm, or.......

we train anyway and get interesting discussions - or i get frustrated and yell at nage.

Tenkan, as I understand it, is really Irimi Tenkan, so we are to enter, join with nage's balance, then pivot, taking her balance. From a wrist grab, a six year old child might have a tough time, but I remember a 114 pound kid who could throw koshi nage on 214 pound adults. Does that qualify as 'effectve aikido technique'?

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