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James Young
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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
The problem is everyone glosses over the "warm up" exercises to get to the "meat" of the class - waza, waza and more waza.... when the real "beef" is in the "warm ups".

How many here actually do those "warm ups" outside of aikido classes? What sort of body conditioning do you use to develop "strength"?
I think we have to specify what "warm ups" would apply to say that was true. If I'm thinking about my current warm up routine I'd agree with your statement since by design my teacher is doing specific things to help condition us to improve our kokyu abilities. However, in other dojos I've been part of in the past, the warm up routine did not nearly as much contribute to that and was done more for the purpose of just warming us up and stretching us out for the keiko session. However, if one's teacher has designed "warm up" exercises to condition us to improve our kokyu abilities I totally agree that we need to be aware of that and feed on the "beef" as you put it rather than just focusing on the waza part of our training.
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