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Talking The language barrier.

A few months ago a Filipino woman came to my dojo to train. She had only been in Canada a relatively short time and didn't speak English well. During one practice I had left one of the doors to the dojo ajar to get a draught moving across the mats from the windows. The class began to practice a technique that required a kosa-dori grab. Two students were practicing with the Filipino woman (there were an odd number of students that night) so at one point she was sitting out watching the other two practice the technique. They were not grabbing kosa-dori so I began to say to them repeatedly "Kosa-dori, kosa-dori!". Suddenly, the Filipino woman leapt up, ran over to the door, and closed it. I, of course, asked why she had closed the door. She looked at me blankly and, in her strong Filipino accent, responded, "What do you mean? You kept saying 'close the doorie, close the doorie'.

We all had a good laugh. (Hope you do , too.)

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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