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perhaps it is a matter of how each of us sees training---i'm relatively junior, and could have it all wrong. When i'm uke, i do not see myself in the role of an instructor, but a partner, whose job is to attack sincerely with a speed that matches my partner's skill level, make and maintain connection (and balance as long as possible). When i'm nage, i try my best to do the technique as well as i can. This is no matter what the rank of the partner i have. the only difference i would make is if my partner were still learning to fall, i'd ask before throwing if they knew the ukemi required, and if a joint lock were required that they know to tap. No where in there do i see the need for much talking/instructing, and frankly, one of the reasons i like training with (fellow) beginners is i get a chance to explore the technique for myself, without immediate corrections from a 'mat instructor'. Don't get me wrong, i'm as grateful as the next kohai for helpful hints, but prefer to try a few times to see if i can feel what is wrong with how i am doing it. Then i beg for help . Funny you should mention ikkyo...a joke i have with one of my friends from my first dojo (now on #3) is that one can never know enough ways to do ikkyo---between all the instructors i've had, now up to 12 basic ways (not counting from different attacks), and i'd be willing to bet there are hundreds more...and i like exploring them all, sometimes easier with someone who doesn't know 'the' way to do it.
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