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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
kokyu-ho, whether standing (on one leg/2 legs) or seated (seiza/cross-legged/one butt cheek off the floor), makes no difference... It is A way.... one of many.... this is what we're trying to get at and examine and explain in straightforward terms....

Problem is... some people are missing the point and getting sidetracked into off-topic discussions about some other stuff pertaining to how wrists should rotate, and getting mired in the technicalities of how the waza is like this or that... etc. etc.

Is it that simple really??? How does one not use muscle power? More pertinently, shoulder power? Define "good posture"? If "good posture" is sitting up straight, how is it possible to do it cross-legged, sitting on one butt cheek, whilst scratching your other butt? Define "extension"? Breathing...? How? Why can this be done breathing in, out or holding the breath? What purpose does imagery serve? If I imagine reaching out to embrace a Playboy PlayMate, would that work? Why?

Theoretically? Practically it makes no difference.... that imaginary PlayMate could be holding anywhere any which way - even as high as up the forearm, or even restraining my elbows....or hands on shoulders.... if you understand how kokyu-ho can be applied in any and all of those situations, we wouldn't be having this conversation...
In a sense, things are that simple. Basketball...there's the ball, there's the hoop, throw the ball in the hoop. Simple, yet not so simple. The more you play, the better you get. But of course we're not all going to make it into the NBA, but it's still fun to play. You asked me to make it simple so I did.

As to all the questions you posed to me, let's just erase them from the equation and see how well we do aikido hunched over, scratching our butts, dreaming of playmates and holding our breaths(that last two being a set).

I understand the point, to not worry about endless techniques and focus on the underlying connection they all have. I get it. But the more everyone discusses it, the more I think that what we are all trying to describe, in itself, IS a technique and it involves many things. Mike started this all off with a stance that favored the rear leg and connecting uke with the floor, friction coming into play. Is this not technique? As much as seated, standing, one-legged, one-cheeked kokyu is also a technique?(But seriously, will you teach that way? I might come to your class if the playmate was there, though. ) Body mechanics, physics, natural movement, it all seems to come into play, but is not anything we conciously do to improve our aikido, in essence, a technique for us to understand, assimilate and improve?

I entered this thread hoping to find words to describe what it is we do because I wasn't taught through words. I spoke no Japanese when I got here. I was thrown, and attempted to throw. Pretty much as simple as that. But over time, through guidance, and despite my own need to overanalyze, I learned something. We may not agree on what to call it or how to do it or why amazing things happen. It is what it is. Like a chair you call a stool, it's still something to sit on.

As I stated earlier, I lean towards Mike's explanation of things. Yet of all things said thus far, I still haven't heard anything that explains what's going on in the background of technique that a complete noobie will grasp. Perhaps you can just describe it to us, as you would a complete noobie, and we will all instantly become enlightened. I don't expect you to be able to do that, nor anyone else. Whether I understand kokyu or not is really not the point, as far as I am concerned. I'm willing to listen. We all have different experiences and are at different points on the road of understanding/ability. I appreciate your insight, though, as I do everyone's.

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