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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Imagine for a moment that you're a complete noob... OR better yet, you need to explain this to a complete noob... would a simplistic basic exercise to get you (or them) to step 1 be helpful? Or would a semi-detailed consideration of the myriad factors involved be expected?

What does penetrate uke's center mean? I dunno... I'm a simple person... I like things simple... I rather have lots of little simple things than one big complex issue... if ya catch my drift...

FWIW... it doesn't make a difference how you are being grabbed... it works exactly the same way... This is the CORE of what we're trying to get at...
True, but I thought we had veered into why the gentleman in question was able to topple the other gentleman without making extraneous gestures/actions. Actually I agree with your earlier post on connection in that once the connection is made and proper extension/breathing/posture, etc. exist, then it doesn't require, for example, elbows digging deep or wrist turning.

If seated kokyu is THE exercise to develop the substance beneath the skill, then certainly we have to examine it and explain it in more straight forward terms. Yet, as I'm sure you know, it still is not that simple. How far of a noobie have you regressed to? The concept of what one perceives to be aikido and its goal in response to an attack should be addressed. Even doing this, there will be a myriad of individual beliefs. Even one's frame of mind coupled with the instructor's will have an impact on how a beginner reacts to being grabbed.

But...One sits in seiza, allows one's hands to be grabbed, and with as little effort as possible attempts to topple the attacker. That's pretty much what's going on and simple enough. But if you want to have it explained further, and we all want that, then it starts to get complicated. Non-use of muscular power, good posture, extension, breathing, connection, awareness of uke's grab, center, relaxation, etc. And then there is all of the visual imagery out there, flowing water, a rock(which I believe you mentioned much earlier), etc. to help guide one to the correct feel. And all of these things take some time to sink in. Too long for most of us. I don't have a quick fix answer, and I lack words to describe it, and I don't understand it all to begin with. Any enlightenment and I'm for it. Any exercises to help me work it all out, give it to me. Any theory as to how all of this works, I'll read it. Cool video, I wanna see it!

As to the question of how or where one is grabbed, I beg to differ. There are a number points along the circle of my wrist and one is enough to form the connection. With so many points to choose from, shouldn't one point be tactically better than the rest...theoretically, of course?
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