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Re: Poll: How important is physical body size for effective aikido techniques?

Of course size matters. But it isn't the only factor. If it were, Aikido would just plain never work against any uke who was larger than nage. But it does.

The problem with questions like this is that they try to isolate one factor in a field of many.

It, really, is very similar to the question I used to get from a certain group of students (who, really, were just trying to waste time in class). "If a Kung Fu guy and a Judo guy were to fight, who would win?" Or some variation thereof. My flippant response was the one who was better at their art. But of course there are other factors and it's really kind of a stupid question on some level.

Given that all other factors are equal, size will decide. But all other factors are never equal, really.

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