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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Ian Thake wrote:
Hmm, is the material, that the knife's made from, relevant here?
It's more the finish. I actually first saw this trick in maybe the 1960's from one of the perfpormers on the Beijing Acrobat Team, but I didn't understand what he was doing. He turned a large water-cooler jar (empty) on its side and placed his hand on the top side of the jar, palm to glass, and lifted the jar straight up into the air.

Like a like of the ki/qi tricks, you see 'em and you can decide on one or two ways that they're being done and sort of go, "Oh, good trick, but not very important". Because in a lot of ways, the ki/qi tricks are different from normal strength, but not all *that* different. If, for instance, Dan or Rob or Ushiro tossed someone up in the air who was pushing/resisting, it might look impressive, but not something you'd go call out your local physiology professor to look at. If you felt how it was done, you might go to the professor with a few questions.


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