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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Cady Goldfield wrote:
Mike, you forgot to include:

-lifting a larger, much heavier man off his feet and lobbing him across the room without using any discernable effort
- taking full-power punches and kicks without harm
- not budging when pushed hard by a much heavier invididual, then sending him flying onto his butt when he does
- knocking out a person with the lightest of touches
- sending a person flying back and down on his derriere with just the lightest of touches

But yes, the depth and extent of the amazing things humans can do are considerable, once we understand the principles and put them into physical practice. Again, though, these things aren't magic, are rooted solidly in biomechanics and Newtonian physics, and there is a limit to their reach. That doesn't mean there isn't enough to them to make a study last a lifetime! I'm just saying that they don't merit the belief that their well is bottomless. There are limits to the human body's abilities, and baried limits of individual people to enact the functions of their bodies.

We'll save "getting into" and "manipulating" your body for another day, though, or leave it to your trusted proctologist.
I didn't forget anything you mentioned, Cady (with a caveat I'll get to in a sec), I was talking about things above and beyond those obvious basics. I will decline to accept your categorization of "the lightest of touches" to do what you describe. Don't you mean "with what appears to be a light touch"? Let's don't get all magicky, now.

The things you're describing are pretty obviously from the basic usages. See if you can figure out the knife-lifting trick.


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