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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Cady Goldfield wrote:
I agree to a point (note the "And so on. " at the end of my comment -- implying that the process of discovery continues). We can follow a process down to the molecular level, to the extent of it becoming absurd, or at least not of much practical use, but there is --and must be -- an endpoint at which the process is considered "complete" and there are no further depths to plumb. Unless you start to delve into peripheral realms that affect/inform the principles you're enacting, etc.

Sometimes a cigar really is just an exploding cigar.
Hmmmm.... well, I admit there are limits.... I didn't say infinite... but it still gets fairly complex. I realize that you are way above me with your ability to "get inside my body" and manipulate me at whim, but let me note for general comment the fact that the 2 basic criteria I've mentioned in a number of earlier posts can lead to some odd skills like:

Greatly enhanced personal strength, when done correctly and following a certain path;

The ability to put 2 fingers on top of a polished knife blade and lift up the knife;

Extraordinarily powerful "fa jin" and a number of tangents to that skill;

Difficult-to-puncture skin;

The ability to manipulate pressure pulses within the body;

And so on. I can think of several more, but that's enough.


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