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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
Hmmmmmmmm, Cady.... so you're into handcuffs, eh?
No, I'm more interested in the mechanics of getting out of them (along with other classical forms of prestidigitation).

I agree with what you said, but the possibilities with these skills branch out like a bush, so there are few people who truly get to the "is that all there is to it?" stage. It's truly complex and deep, even though it appears to be just a puddle in the road to the uninitiated. That "puddle" can be the entrance to a set of underwater caves.
I agree to a point (note the "And so on. " at the end of my comment -- implying that the process of discovery continues). We can follow a process down to the molecular level, to the extent of it becoming absurd, or at least not of much practical use, but there is --and must be -- an endpoint at which the process is considered "complete" and there are no further depths to plumb. Unless you start to delve into peripheral realms that affect/inform the principles you're enacting, etc.

Sometimes a cigar really is just an exploding cigar.
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