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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

An Interesting article George Sensei. Your words of support and the merit they carry in the larger aikido community is appreciated. 'Tis true most womyn face a general disregard in the world at large, so it is not surprising it happens in the various dojos of Aikido. In readign thse posts though I learn that many womyn are out there and have alot to offer. I am grateful that I get to be part of dojo community that is prodominently womyn. My Sesnei Mary Eastland is a 5th dan. I believe she may have made 4th while stil w/ Aikido Kokikai.
Many of her and her husband Ron Sensei's female students such as myself have come to be there because of Mary's presence. Ron and Mary are soem of the highest examples of how students can be welcomed and encouraged to find their own "inner aikido". Womyn of all size and stature train along side men and I have seen and felt first-hanbd that womyn who dedicate themselves in aikido are very powerful. thankfully the fellows in our dojos have little qualm about treating us as equals and respecting us as ukes and nages. I hope one-day we will see that Aikido organisations like ours are the norm rather than the exception. -Kim
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