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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
Apparently, this poor country lawyer cannot comprehend what you say when you say it.
Apparently not, Erick, since you went to other threads to get those quotes and this thread is about what would comprise a baseline set of skills, not the topics on those other threads. Correct?
Maybe we should talk about irimi/tenkan prinicples in kokyu instead, then. .
No one has been able to stop you yet, it seems.
I'll start -- or perhaps I have already made a small demonstration.

No offense, Mike. I forget many things, but lines of argument are not among them.
I have no idea exactly what you THINK you've shown, Erick, but from the way you're mixing your subjects up, it's quite obvious that we're back in the territory of you not knowing what you're talking about... again.

Let me see if I can simplify and take a guess at where you're getting confused. There are essentially two things that comprise ki/qi: mental manipulation of force paths and the development of a facial-structure thingamabob that is fairly complex but which involves breathing exercises, stretches, etc. Those would, in essence, be part of the "baseline skills". "Reeling Silk" is a far more sophisticated process than you realize (and I'm not going to waste the time trying to explain it) and it's an extension of the fascial structure thingamabob and jin/kokyu thing combined. Aikido does not use it. Nor doe Aikido use "fa jin", although it is an extension of the same 2 items. See the point? There are a number of skills related to the arbitrary 2 basics that are simply not in Aikido. Trying to discuss them as part of Aikido, in a "baseline skillset" thread, would be extraneous, IMO.

Since the conversation was about baseline skills (in this thread... but not necessarily in the other threads you quoted from). I fail to see where you understand the "line of argument", if you don't understand a simple fact like that.


Mike Sigman
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