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Re: Bokken and jo set from Aikiwood

Thanks, guys...your input has been helpful. I basically went with the recommendations of a couple folks from Sword Forum.

I'm not too familiar with the different kinds of wood, though I did email some questions to the folks at Aikiwood. They recommended jatoba for its weight and ability to hold up with paired kata.

I did sand down the bokken, and this is what it looked like under the finish. The still-lacquered jo is below the bokken for comparison:

I didn't think about how some exotic woods splinter (shudder), and I hope the same thing doesn't happen with my new weapons. I did take the jo through its paces the other night with some paired kata. I still think the lacquer is a pain, but it held up to impact very well. No odd vibrations or anything.

I also didn't think about the dowels getting loose. Again, I just hope that my stuff will hold up. We'll see, I guess.

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