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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: Backward Roll - Risks and benefits

Thanks. That must have been the incident I first heard about. The interesting part is that it wasn't even during an intense throwing situation, but merely during a slow demonstration. I've always felt like that was a dangerous position that I simply did not want to be in.

Even though it's only one, since I have yet to hear of a compelling benefit to the ukemi vs. the 'yoko' alternative, I'd say it's one too many. The only other case of a broken neck during Aikido training I've heard of is from the post a few months ago, describing an accident during a high koshi-like shoulder throw on a wet slippery mat. That's another situation I intend to avoid... along with letting someone repeatedly smash my head into the mat during shiho nage. Actually, to me, these all seem pretty obvious, which is why I find the popularity of the backward roll puzzling.
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