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Re: Musings on combat distance

Justin Smith wrote:
A criticism of being "wrong" doesn't make much sense IMO. Of course, all models are wrong to some degree, since they are a model, by definition, of reality.
Then why try to make one using an approach that is obviously quite insufficient to explain the various elements of ma ai and what it is?
Justin Smith wrote:
Simplification was, of course, the very goal, so I'm not sure why that would be a valid complaint. If one can explain ma ai analytically any simpler than overlapping circles of various radii, I'd be interested in reading it.
There is one in post 8 of this thread by Sensei Ledyard:
The "critical distance" in martial arts is the distance at which the opponent has to move his body mass in order to strike you. If you let someone inside this distance, your reaction time will not be fast enough to defend. At or outside this point, the attacker will have to move his body mass to be able to reach you and this being a relatively slow process, you have time to execute a movement.
Any more analysis needs to be done with a live person on a mat with an instructor. To oversimplify via modelling does not adequately adresss the subject.


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