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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Musings on combat distance

Roman Kremianski wrote:
Pretty sure this equation means jack to any Aikido practitioner.

Danger1 = [(((1/2) * [(-d+Leg1+Leg2)(d+Leg1-Leg2)(d-Leg1+Leg2)(d+Leg1+Leg2)]1/2)) / (pi*Leg12)] + [(((1/2) * [(-d+Arm1+Arm2)(d+Arm1-Arm2)(d-Arm1+Arm2)(d+Arm1+Arm2)]1/2)) / (pi*Arm12)]
Besides, since when do you need a mathematical formula to explain that a man with longer limbs will obviously have longer reach?
Good gawd, y'all. It's like Erick Mead, but using equations instead of long sentences!

P.S. Sorry, Erick!

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