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Dead Does size matter...

Alright girls, over the last couple years, I've learned a little about forum etiquette. One of my most severe deviations of form has been posting 'me too' posts. (Those are where you're just adding your agreement to a preceding opinion. I guess if one feels the need to express their opinion in this way, a poll is in order instead of a post.) Another of my severe deviations is cross-talking or posting off-topic. Since I found no thread that tackled the issue...

Keith Lee wrote:
Well, I thought I was very clearly being facetious.

Like Michael posted above, when two people are generally equal in their skillset, the larger/stronger/more athletic person will usually win. It's true in boxing, wrestling, whatever. Yet for some reason some people tend to think that somehow martial artists are immune to this. It's why the UFC/MMA have weight classes and why a bigger person generally beats a smaller person. Flying crane eye-gouge throat-knee double strikes are fantasty.
When I was growing up, I used to get those super balloons that were huge and had a big rubber band attached. I also would get the little ones with a string attached.

Neither ever seemed to care how hard I hit them. When I became bigger, they still didn't care. They just continued as if my size didn't matter.

When I try to move something big, I use a handcart. If it's very big, I use a bigger handcart.

That's a change in technique to adapt to something stronger. I go for the longer lever.

That's what I get out of Aikido...levers.

Size and strength does matter...You might have to have a different lever.
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