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Re: Backward Roll - Risks and benefits

Kevin Wilbanks wrote:
That's the kind of thing I was looking for. Whatever that incident was, or any others like it, apparently no one else who has read the thread remembers, no one knows any details. I suspected there would be accounts of a few incidents. Unfortunately, there is no way to tell whether the lack of such information indicates the rarity of backward roll injuries or simply a lack of information.
Janet was correct as far as I recall. I think it was back in 1994 or so that a woman (not part of the USAF-WR, but another organization altogether) who was teaching the class, and showing a student how to do backwards rolls had someone roll into her by accident. Her neck was broken and she was paralyzed. There was an outpouring of help from the aikido community but then this incident disappeared into the archives.

At the time that this happened, I was practicing in a WR dojo, and our teacher let us all know that Chiba Sensei had informed his students and dojos, that ultimately he would like to have all that were teaching in the dojo become certified teachers. From what I understoood, it had to do with placing a level of legitimacy of certification in each dojo, and ensuring certain quality and safety standards. The woman who was injured was a shodan (correct me please if I have faulty memory here) who was not certified as a teacher and there were issues regarding insurance covering the injury because of the lack of some verifiable teaching license??? Anyway, in our dojo at the time, this was the impetus for pushing to become certified teachers within the organization.

Anyone else who was around at this time and remembers the incident, please chime in.
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