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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Which is why IMO, form is irrelevant... knowing the substance brings all sorts of forms to fruition... vis a vis the techniques of aikido are limitless...?
True. One thing that helps is to get a feel of a real expert, in order to even understand which way you should be aimed for higher-level skills. And trust me, there is a distinct difference in feel between people who have *some* skills and the higher end. Just as an example, I got an email recently indicating that Wang Hai Jun will be giving some more workshops in the US this Spring. Since Wang Hai Jun is one of the sources that Dan uses for information, it might be worthwhile for Aikidoists to go *just to get some data input on which way to go.* Who knows, you might get a chance to accomplish several things at once: get a feel for what Wang Hai Jun is like; get a feel for what Dan does, get some pointers on training approaches via Taiji the martial art, rather than the more typical "Taiji as the New Age Dreamzone". The baseline skills will be the same, although the usages may only be "similar". Same is true of Ushiro Sensei and other outside sources, BTW. All info helps.


Mike Sigman
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