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Re: intimidation

This makes me think of something that happened just last night. After I had removed myself from the situation, I attempted to play it back with applied aikido, but I found myself at an utter loss.

Note that this entire thing happens online.

A friend of mine whom I chat with off and on and have known for about 2 years invited me to a Yahoo conference with a group of his. Apparently, he's part of an online "group" that gets together and chats now and then. If they do more than that, I can't say. Things went well at first. Most of the people were very kind and invitive. As the evening wore on, the people chatting started taking back a bit of alcohol. Among those was a guy named Alex who apparently knows a great deal about all the sleazy tricks one can do with Yahoo, including but not limited to hacking into your computer and activating your webcam without your knowledge. This put me on edge but I trusted my friend who brought me there because of what happened 2 years ago. My friend and I, plus a deal of our other friends, were in a situation with a similar person (on Yahoo) and it broke us apart. So with that trust, I stayed there and eventually forgot my fear.

That is, until the alcohol started kicking in. He verbally threatened one of the females in the club to get on her microphone and talk, because he liked the sound of her voice. When she didn't comply, he loaded up a program he has that lags a persons computer and attacked her with it. When she still didn't comply, he loaded it up again and told her that he was. When she finally did start speaking, the repressed resentment was very apparent. That was too much for me. I left without a word.

There were many things I would have liked to say to that guy, but I was afraid that he would damage my computer. And even if I had said things, he was intoxicated. Having dealt with drunk people on a regular basis I can tell you that they simply do NOT listen to reason or logic. So, he was an online drunk with the power to intimidate and threaten.

What would one do in this situation, especially in regards to aikido? I felt that leaving would get me safely out of harms way, but I had a great deal of trouble sleeping that night because I didn't vocalize my concerns or do anything to help the lady he was picking on. I feel bad that I just up and left. At the moment I didn't see what else I could do without getting myself burned, and I still can't.

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